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May New Car Deals with 0% Financing

2014 Buick Enclave

April was a good month for car dealers as the weather warmed up and people started coming out from their winter “hibernation”.  Manufacturers are clearly anxious to keep that trend up and are offering some great deals to keep people shopping for cars in May.

5 New Car Deals for Late April 2014

2014 Dodge Charger - Spring Incentives

April is coming to a close and you still have time to pick up a great deal on a new car. The biggest savings will come from 2013 models but those are getting harder to find as we’re nearly through one third of 2014 already. Fortunately, has a listing of the top 10 cars ranked by the cash-back incentives by percentage off of MSRP.

Best Buy Deals on New Luxury Cars

2014 Acura ILX - Great Deals in April

The weather is getting warmer and with the end of the month approaching this is a great time to shop for a new car. We’ve already showcased some of the awesome deals on “green cars” this month.

April New Car Deals from Honda, Lexus, and Nissan

Save in April on the 2014 Honda Accord

After a hard winter car dealers are looking to kick off the 2nd quarter of 2014 strong so there are plenty of deals to be found if you are shopping for a new car. Some manufacturers are offering rebates and incentives and many are offering low interest financing. Here are some of the best new car deals from the leading import brands:

Honda Deals

Zero Percent Financing on New Cars for Spring 2014

2014 Ford Edge - 0% Financing in April 2014

Spring is officially here and with the new season it’s time to get rid of the old and start fresh with new stuff. If your spring cleaning plans include trading in your old car and shopping for a new car we’ve found some nice deals for you. Several car companies are offering zero percent financing to make your choice even easier. Some even include long-term financing up to 72 months with no interest.

Lease a New Car for $199 a Month in March

2014 Kia Optima $199/month lease

When you’re shopping for a great deal on a new car you’ll see a lot of ads for rebates, low financing and other incentives and all sorts of low monthly payments for new car leases. With all of the hype it pays to do the math and determine what the total cost of the lease will be for any given car. Fortunately the folks at have put together a list of 31 lease deals for $199 a month along with the initial payment required and calculations for the cost per mile for each car.

End of the Month Lease Deals for February

2014 Chevrolet Impala

Winter storms are still in force this month and car dealers are still anxious to make deals with the cold weather keeping shoppers inside and slowing down sales after a year of strong comebacks for most manufacturers. If you are looking for anything from a minivan to a sports coupe, there is sure to be a deal for you. With tax season approaching you might be thinking about leasing to take advantages of some tax benefits for next year’s returns.

Red Hot Deals on Red Cars for Valentine’s Day

2014 BMW 435i Coupe
2014 Cadillac ATS
2014 Chevrolet Camaro SS
2014 Dodge Challenger R/T
2014 Mercedes-Benz SLK250

Valentine’s Day is only 2 days away and while most people are out buying flowers or trying to book restaurant reservations you can be a real hero to yourself or your sweetheart by buying a new car. Here are 5 cars that all are available with either purchase incentives or lease deals and all of these cars look awesome in red.

Hot Deals on 2-Seaters for Valentine’s Day

2014 BMW Z4 Roadster

Valentine’s Day is next week and while everyone else is out buying jewelry and flowers why not kick it up a notch and get your Valentine (or yourself) a sporty new roadster? There are plenty of new models to choose from this year. Two seats make it easier to get close.

February 2014 New Car Deals for the Long Winter

2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Today is Groundhog Day and we will officially have 6 more weeks of winter because Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow this morning in Pennsylvania and went back into his hole. Winter can be a good time to go new car shopping because when people stay home due to the cold dealers tend to be more eager to make deals for the folks that do make it to the lot.

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